August 21, 2011


Gokulashtami is the festival celebrating the birth of Lord Sri Krishna, the eighth avatar of Lord MahaVishnu. Its observed on the Ashtami thiti (eighth day) of the Krishna Paksha (period of the waning moon) on Rohini Nakshatra during the month of Avani (mid Aug to mid Sep). Its celebrated all over india, with people enjoying the Uri Adi or Dahi Handi and is known by various names like Sri Jayanthi, Krishna Jayanthi, Janmashtami etc.
Like all other festivals, different kinds of batchanam (sweets and savories) are prepared for neivedhyam. My MIL prepared all kinds of savories like Uppu Seedai, Vella Seedai, Thattai, Kai Muruku, Thenkolal, Ribbon, Oma Podi, Boondi, Rava Laddu, Coconut Barfi, Appam, Vadai and Thayir Vadai. We had to be content with Payatham Parupu Payasam, Appam and Therati Pal here in our service apartment. We performed the pooja at 1900 hours and shared the goodies with our family online. Will post the recipes in the following blogs.

Lord Krishna the eighth avatar of Lord MahaVishnu, was born as the eighth son to Devaki and Vasudeva. Kamsa the son of King Ugrasena, heard a prophecy that predicted his death at the hands of Devaki's eight son. So he imprisoned his father and ascended the throne. He also had Devaki and Vasudeva locked in the cellars of Mathura. Kamsa was on a killing spree as he killed all the 6 infants of Devaki. The seventh one was duped as a miscarriage and the child was secretly taken to Rohini. This was Balarama. The eighth child, Krishna was born and was taken across the river Yamuna on a day with thunderstorms, by Vasudeva on his head and handed to Yashoda and Nanda in Gokul. He grew up a naughty lad and killed many a asurs all through his early life. But his birth was for a purpose, and he demolished Kamsa and reinstated his father King Ugrasena. He later befriended Arjuna and the other pandavas, and played a pivotal role in the epic Mahabharata.
All over India people perform poojas, to celebrate the birth of Lord Krishna. At our home, we start preparing sweets and savories a week before the pooja. On the auspicious day we fast until the pooja. We adorn the house with beautiful ma kolams and small foot steps from the entrance of the house. A Krishna idol is kept on a wooden plank with a kolam. Its dressed up with a piece of cloth, a poonal(sacred thread), and garlands. Pooja is performed and it ends with the offering of neivedhyam and arathi and saying of some slokas and offering flowers by all in the family.

Happy Krishna Jayanthi!!