July 4, 2014

Potato Kurma

I was going through Sangeetha's Blog for Blog Hop Wednesday, I came across this Aloo Kurma recipe. I chose the Onion Masala Paratha for the event and bookmarked this recipe for later. I was longing to prepare some kurma for some time now. I made these for idlys, but it sure does go well with many a things.

Ginger Ale-Ingi Sorasam

Ginger Ale is the carbonated soft drink version of Indian Ingi Sorasam. I prefer the indian version for its health benefits. It helps with stomach disorders and nausea.

Aloo Mirch

Anything with potatoes can hardly go wrong. And a dish with potato and Bell Peppers, no way!!!!! I usually prepare this for my hubby's lunch box. Now there's no lunch box, he comes home for lunch......Yipeeee!!!!