July 25, 2011

Aadi Pandigai or Aadi Pirapu

Aadi is the fourth month of the year according to the tamil almanac, the panchangam. The welcoming of the month is celebrated with pomp and show, all around Tamilnadu. There are no rituals for this festival - cook relish and rejoice is the motto. Predominantly tamil festivals have everything to with the harvest cycle, starting from sowing of seeds to harvesting. Aadi Pirapu is while sowing is done and we are welcoming the rains.

Generaly this month is considered inauspicious for new ventures but on the other hand the whole month of aadi represents the fresh and genuine look of tamil culture. The month of Aadi brings with it a whole season of festivities and merriness. 

Now that the festive season has commenced with aadi, our family was in for some good food and my blog had fun with some more recipes to add to. We being a traditional TamBrahm family dint miss out on this opportunity to have a sumptuous meal. We prepared Thengai Pal Payasam, Thayir Pachadi, Mangai Pachadi, Bhindi Fry, Carrot Kosmalli, Mangai Oorkai, Ulundu Vadai, Sambar, Rasam and Curd Rice. Three cheers for celebrating what life is and thanking the gods for what they have bestowed upon us.

Bon Appetit!!