November 9, 2011

Mysore Pak

My MIL says anybody who prepares a good mysore pak, knows to cook. Yeah in a way, its very simple yet tricky to be used as a measure. You need to anticipate the right moments and if it happens, there's nothing better. The sweet will melt in your mouth, and the joy of preparing a perfect mysore pak will know no bounds.

Gram Flour - 1 cup
Sugar - 2 1/4 cup
Ghee - 2 1/4 cup

Dissolve sugar in water and boil till you get a one string consistency.
Add gram flour and mix well, see to it that no lumps are formed. Add ghee little by little, and keep stirring.
When the mixture is not sticking to the sides pour into a greased plate and make pieces when warm.
Allow to cool and store in a air tight container.

Im sending this to Srav's Cooking Concepts - Festive Food

Bon Appetit!!


Santosh Bangar said...

yummy sweet
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