September 27, 2011

How to - Prepare Vazhaipoo

Vazhaipoo or Banana Blossom is a very tasty and healthy ingredient. Its a fibre rich source, and can reduce blood cholestrol levels. It purifies blood, and also increases the hemoglobin content in blood. But its comsumption is less, owing to laborious procedure before cooking. We prepare vadai, paruppu usili, varuval etc with this.

Now how to prepare banana blossoms for cooking.

Remove the purple cover of the flower(bract), and pull out the flower bunches.
Remove the stamen (string with a head) and rubbery petal like skin covering the base from each floret and chop into small pieces.
But while peeling the innermost little florets, this becomes tough. So take a bunch of florets by the base and rub the head/top of the florets on your palm. This will open the florets and you can easily remove the inedible parts.
Put the chopped vazhaipoo in water mixed with buttermilk to avoid discoloration. You can store it with the buttermilk in the fridge for 3-4 days.
Enjoy the taste of this healthy banana blossom!!

Bon Appetit!!