August 4, 2011

Aadi Perukku

Another festival celebrated during the month of Aadi. It falls on the 18th day of the tamil month of Aadi. Its a tribute to water. In villages the Mulaipari (Germination of nine kinds of sprouts) is performed as a ritual by ladies. Its accompanied by Kummi's and dances before dissolving the sprouts in the river. It signifies requesting the Goddess for fertility of land and rain, to secure a good harvest. On this day people around the Cauvery delta region, families enjoy this festival by gathering together in groups and eating Puliotharai, Lemon Rice, Coconut Rice, Curd Rice.
Though we don't live in the delta region anymore, we thought of celebrating along with our relatives here in Bangalore. So we prepared different rice items to feast upon and enjoyed the day.

Bon Appetit!!