July 15, 2011

Curd Rice

The very simple yet very elegant Curd Rice. Im such a fan of the curd rice with home made Narthangai that my mouth waters even when I think about it. There nothing much that goes into this as such for a whole recipe blog. But yeah one of my friends says its magical on its own.CURD & RICE!! Yummy!! Ask any TamBram family - curd rice is a must in their diet chart every day, probably in every meal. Lunch/Dinner curd rice is a definate yes. Some of my friends would say a world without curd rice is a strict no for me. As my MIL says "Treat me to a series of days of feasts - Im sure I would prefer a simple curd rice at home". So here goes one of the versions of how to prepare curd rice.
Boiled Rice - 1 cup
Curd - 1/2 cup
Milk - 1/4 cup
Salt to taste (optional)
For Garnishing
Cashew Nuts
Curry Leaves
More Milagai (Sun Dried Chilies)

Add curd, milk and salt to the boiled rice and mix it well.
Heat a tbsp of oil, add the more milagai to it. It should turn black in color.
Add this along with grapes, pomegranate, kishmis, cashew and curry leaves and mix.
Magical curd rice is ready. Serve it with nice vadu mangai or avakai or any other pickle. Even curd rice on its own is heavenly.

Alternatively, if you dont prefer fruits in your curd rice you can use grated carrot, cucumber and ginger. Substitute the  More Milagai with green chillies and mustard seeds. Its awesome!!!!!

Bon Appetit!!